Gate EE-2006 Question Paper With Solutions

Q. 74 The initial accelerating power (in pu) will be A generator feeds power to an infinite bus through a double circuit transmission line. A 3-phase fault occurs at the middle point of one of the lines. The infinite bus voltage is 1 pu, the transient internal voltage of the generator is 1.1 pu and the equivalent transfer admittance during fault is 0.8 pu. The 100 MVA generator has an inertia constant of 5 MJ/MVA and it was delivering 1.0 pu power prior of the fault with rotor power angle ofGate EE-2006 Question Paper With Solutions. The system frequency is 50 Hz

(A) 1.0

(B) 0.6

(C) 0.56

(D) 0.4



Gate EE-2006 Question Paper With SolutionsGate EE-2006 Question Paper With Solutions

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