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My Name id Manimuthu A Completed BE EEE.

All of our articles are related with full of case study only. Here we are sharing our experience and knowledge with you. This is not the place for theoretical phenomena. if you follow us you can get at least you can minimum 10 lakhs per year and zero down time. here you can find the solution. we are electrical power plant maintenance engineer and having more than 10 years experience. Our over all experience….

  •  Installed, maintained, repaired and tested equipment for the generation and utilization of electric energy.
  • Developed expertise in communication systems cabling, circuitry and wiring through various projects in factory premises.
  • Erection and commissioned 45 TPH boiler and 37 MW alternator with accessories
  • Maintenance in 24 MW power plant, 120TPH coal/bagasse based boiler accessories
  • Maintenance in 110 kV switch yard , 110kV / 11 kV 30 MVA Power transformer
  • -Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in ABB make VFDs ACS 850, 800 & 550. Upto 770 KVA Multi-drive and 400 KVA standalone drives
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in Numerical relays REM 543, MICOM p343, REL 670, MRN, SPAJ 140, SPAM and electromagnetic type relays.
  • Erection, commissioning and maintaining of PCCs ,MCC panels and utilities
  • Experience in SAP MM module for making PR and POs as per the requirement
  • Material follows up with competitive vendor as per requirement.
  • Plant preparation for CEIG inspection and safety audit as per electrical standards
  • Maintaining statutory requirement documents relevant to Electrical standards
  • Installation and commission of around 60 nos of VFDs in all three plants
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in 145 KW centrifugal A machine DC drives
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in Siemens and ABB make ACBs
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in 690 Volts ABB Make ACS 800 multi-drives
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in 415 V Siemens , ABB make ACBs & ABB make 11 kV SF6 breaker.
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in 11kV,1500 KW CG make Slip Ring Induction Motor
  • Maintaining CLIT schedule for all critical equipment
  • Knowledge and troubleshooting experience in Siemens make VFDs MM430, MM440 and Sinamics G120 models.
  • Study about machine power requirements and Implementation of energy-efficient solutions which saved hundreds of thousands of rupees annually.
  • Erection and commissioning of 15 tons boiler with accessories.
  • Expertise in Plant automation
  • Maintenance in 2.5 MVA and 3.15 MVA Distribution and converter duty transformer



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