Potassium Fluoride, Formula, Preparation Method, Chemical Properties

Potassium Fluoride

Potassium fluoride is  an alkali halide compound that occurs naturally in the mineral carrobilite. It the chemical compound that consists of soluble flurosilicates and it is more effective. It is the primary  source of the fluoride ion for manufacturing the chemical compounds. It has a white crystals compounds that has no contains odours.  The systematic IUPAC name is known as potassium fluoride. The chemical or molecular formula of potassium fluoride is KF. It is also known as potassium fluoride.

Structural Formula

This is the structural formula of the potassium fluoride:

Potassium Fluoride

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of the potassium fluoride is KF.

Preparation method

The potassium fluoride is prepared by reacting the potassium carbonate with the hydrofluoric acid that gives the result and the carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas is the byproduct. It is often used for the heat resistant. This chemical compound is recyclable. It crystallizes at room temperature is 0.266nm.

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K2CO3 + 4HF → 2KHF2 + CO2  + H2

Physical Properties

Melting point 858C
Boiling point 1505C
Molecular weight 58.0967g/mol
Density 2.48g/cm3
Solubility in water soluble
Solubility Soluble in HF

Insoluble in alcohol

Crystal structure cubic
Magnetic susceptibility -23.6×10-6cm3/mol
Appearance colourless

Chemical Properties

The fluoride is the anhydrous metal that is reactive is more powerful. It has high boiling point and low melting point. It is insoluble in alcohol. It has more poisonous substances and leads to inhalation problems for humans. It has low melting point at the trihydrate state. The molecular weight is high upto 94.173 at the dehydrate state.


Potassium fluoride is a fluoridating agent in the precipitation of organic chemicals. It is used in metal field of metallurgy used as flux. Potassium fluoride is used in the manufacture of optical glasses. It is used to make disinfectants ,pesticides and insecticides.


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