UPPCL Electricity Bill Calculator & UPPCL Tariff Rate per unit 2020

UPPCL Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the total consumption or meter reading, then press the calculate button. you get the results of energy charges, fixed charges, Tax and total bill amount.

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UPPCL Electricity Bill Calculation & Tariff per unit:

UPPCL Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited has two tariff rate for domestic consumers and one is below 100 units with the connected load of 1 kW and another one is above 100 units.

Below 100 units average monthly consumption category consumer shall pay ₹ 3 per unit. The same consumer consumes more than 100 unit means, they will come in next tariff rate forever. This category is mainly focusing below the poverty line.

And the consumer consumes more than 100 units they come to category 2. They pay ₹ 5.5 for the first 150 units or in between 0-150 units if the unite consumption is more than 151 to 300 means, they shall pay ₹ 6 per unit. For unit 301 to 500, the consumer has to pay ₹ 6.5 per unit. For above 500 units, the UPPCL per unit tariff will be ₹ 7.

Additionally, UPPCL charges fixed charges and electricity duty charges of 5% of the total bill amount as extra

UPPCL Electricity tariff rate is a little bit cheaper than the south Indian tariff rates.

Domestic Consumer LT
LT Power Range uppcl  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
1-100 3 50
0-150 5.5 110
151-300 6 110
301-500 6.5 110
>500 7 110


UPPCL Electricity Bill calculation:


What would be the electricity bill for BPL consumer who has the consumption of 86 units in a month as per UPPCL tariff rate 2020?

BPL consumer can pay 3 per unit. Hence they have to pay 323.4/- as electricity bill.

Note: BPL consumer should not be exceeding more than 100 units. If they consume more than 100 unit means, they will be no longer get the benefit of BPL tariff.

Domestic Consumer LT
LT Power Range Uppcl  Per unit(₹) Consumption Energy Charges
1-100 3 86 258
Energy Charges 258
Fixed Charges 50
Electricity duty 15.4
Total Bill amount 323.4


Let we calculate the electricity bill for 627 units as per UPPCL tariff rates.


Here for the first 150 units you shall pay 825/-(150 x 5.5), for next 150 units you shall pay 900/- (150 x 6), for next 200 unit you shall pay 1300/- (200 x 6.5) and remaining 27 units you shall pay ₹ 889/- (127 x 7).

Totally, your bill amount will be ₹ 4225/- including all taxes.

Domestic Consumer LT above 100 units
LT Power Range Uppcl  Per unit(₹) Consumption Energy Charges
  0-150 5.5 150 825
  151-300 6 150 900
  301-500 6.5 200 1300
  >500 7 127 889
Energy Charges 3914
Fixed Charges 110
Electricity duty 201.2
Total Bill amount 4225.2



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