Tank circuit resonance Calculation, Formula, Example

Tank circuit resonance calculator

The tank circuits are the combination of the capacitor (which is indicated as C) and inductor (which is indicated as L) which are connected parallel is called tank circuit. Tank circuit is also working as a resonance frequency.



Resonance frequency fr in Hz is equals to Reciprocal of 6.28 times of square root of product of inductance LH in ohms and the Capacitance CF in Farad. The formula for finding resonance frequency can be written as,


fᵣ = Resonant frequency in Hz

L= Inductance in Hendry

C = Capacitance in Farad

π = It having a constant value of 3.141592654

Hendry and Farad are the large units



Let’s calculate resonant frequency by using tank circuit. Let’s consider inductor L as 25 millihenries and capacitance C as 30 microfarads.

Let’s apply formula

                              fᵣ = 1/ (2*3.14159254*(25*10־3*30*10־6)

fᵣ = 0.183776298 Kilohertz

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