Trace resistance Calculation, Formula, Example

Trace resistance calculator

The trace resistance means the track running in the PCB is called trace. This calculator is used for to calculate the resistance of the PCB trace. By calculating the trace resistance, it is easy to find out how much power is dissipated by the track.

To find out the resistance the it needs length, width, thickness of trace and temperature.


Trace resistance Calculation, Formula, Example


Resistance equals to resistivity multiplied by both trace and width of trace and again multiplied by one plus constant value into temperature minus 25 ֯ C

Trace resistance Calculation, Formula, Example



ρ = Resistivity in Ohms

L= length

W= trace width

T= trace height

For ρ and α there is a constant value

ρ = 1.7*10־6 Ω

α = 3.9*10־3 Ω



Let’s calculate resistance by using trace resistance consider inputs Length (L)= 2-inch, Width(W)= 3mm, Trace height (T)= 2mm Temperature(T)= 30 deg.

By applying formula

R=(1.7*10־6 *2/(4*3))*(1+3.9*10־3*(30-25))

R=0.00033017 Ω



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