Hydraulic Motor Torque Calculation, Formula Metric, Pump Formula

Hydraulic Motor Torque Calculation

Hydraulic motor torque refers to the torque generated by a hydraulic motor, which converts hydraulic fluid power into mechanical rotational power. This torque is a measure of the rotational force the motor can provide, crucial for applications requiring precise control of movement and force, such as in heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

Enter the values of hydraulic pressure, P(Pa) and displacement per revolution, d(m3/rev) to generate the value of Hydraulic Motor Torque, Thm(N.m).


Enter Hydraulic Pressure Pascal
Enter Displacement per revolution: RPM
Result – Hydraulic Motor Torque: Nm

Hydraulic Motor Torque Formula

Hydraulic Motor Torque, Thm(N.m) in Newton metres, is calculated by the 0.159 times of the the product of hydraulic pressure, P(Pa) in Pascals,  or in Newtons per square metre, N/m², and the displacement per revolution, d(m3/rev) in cubic metres per revolution. Hence the Hydraulic Motor Torque formula can be written as,

Hydraulic Motor Torque, Thm(N.m) = 0.159 * P(Pa) * d(m3/rev)

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Thm(N.m) = Hydraulic Motor Torque in Newton metres, N.m.

P(Pa) = Hydraulic Pressure in Pascals, Pa.

d(m3/rev) = Displacement per revolution in cubic metres per revolution, (m3 /rev)

Hydraulic motor Torque Calculation:

  1. A hydraulic motor operates at a pressure of 5 MPa and has a displacement of 0.0001 m³/rev. Determine the torque produced by this motor.

Given: P(Pa) = 5 * 106, d(m3/rev) = 0.0001m3/rev.

Hydraulic Motor Torque,Thm(N.m) = P(Pa) * d(m3/rev) / 2 * pi

Thm(N.m) =5 * 106 * 0.0001 / 2* 3.14

Thm(N.m) = 500 / 2 * 3.14

Thm(N.m) = 79.58N.m.

  1. If a hydraulic system requires a hydraulic motor to produce a torque of 150 N.m at a pressure of 8 MPa, what should be the displacement per revolution of the motor?

Given: P(Pa) = 8 * 106, Thm(N.m) = 150N.m.

Hydraulic Motor Torque,Thm(N.m) = P(Pa) * d(m3/rev) / 2 * pi

d(m3/rev) = Thm(N.m) * 2 * pi / P(Pa)

d(m3/rev) = 150 * 2 * pi / 8 * 106

d(m3/rev) = 300 * pi / 8 * 106

d(m3/rev) = 0.0001178m3/rev.


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