Hydraulic Motor Speed Calculator, Formula Metric, Calculation

Hydraulic Motor Speed Calculator:

Enter the Power in kW and Pump output torque then press the calculate button to get the Hydraulic Motor Speed in RPM(rev/min)

Hydraulic Motor Speed N(rpm) in revolution per second is equal the 9543 times of the pump input power kW in divided by the torque of a hydraulic pump T(Nm). Hence the formula for calculating the Hydraulic Motor Speed formula in metric can be written as

RPM(rev/min) = kW x 9543 / T (Nm)


Enter Motor Power kW
Enter Motor Torque Nm
Result – Speed: RPM

Also, you can calculate the speed of the motor N in revolution per minute is equal to the 231 times of GPM in gallon per minutes divided by the displacement in inch cubic. Hence the speed of the motor formula can be calculated as below,

RPM = GPM x 231 ÷ Disp. (in.)3

Hydraulic Motor Speed Calculation:

Calculate the speed of the motor in metric for the hydraulic motor torques is 5Nm and the motor capacity is 4kW.

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The speed = 9543 * 4 / 5 = 7634.4 RPM.


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