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Hydraulic Motor Power Calculator:

Enter the pressure in bars and the flow in cubic meter per minutes and press the calculate button to get the Hydraulic Motor Power value in kW.

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Hydraulic Motor Power Formula:

Here the net hydraulic power through the pipes P(kW) in kilowatt is equal to the 0.001667 times of the pressure p(bar) in bar and the rate of flow Q(m3/min)­ in cubic meter per minutes.

P(pump-output kW)  = 0.00167 * p(bar) * Q(m3/min)

Here P(pump-output kW)   = Hydraulic Power Flowing Through the Pipes in kilo Watt.

p(bar)  = system pressure in bars

Q(m3/min) = Flow in cubic meter per min


Q = (D x n) / 1000

Here we know the output of the pump and from that we can calculate the power motor required to drive Hydraulic Power Flowing through the Pipes. Hence the pump input power is equal to the Hydraulic Power Flowing through the Pipes divided by the efficiency in percentage.

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P(pump input kW) = P(output kW) / pump efficiency.

P(pump input kW) = 0.00167 * p(bar) * Q(m3/min) / pump efficiency

The same way we can calculate the required motor power.

Hydraulic Motor Power input P(motor –input kW) in kilo watt is equal to the ration of P(pump input kW) pump input in kilo watt to the motor efficiency η in percentage. Net motor power required drive the pump formula in metric can be calculated as below.

P(motor input kW) = P(motor – output kW) / η (motor efficiency).

P(motor input kW) = 0.00167 * p(bar) * Q(m3/min) / pump efficiency / η (motor efficiency).

P(motor input kW)  = 0.00167 * p(bar) * Q(m3/min) / (η (pump) *  η (motor))

Hydraulic Motor Power Calculation:

Let us consider the hydraulic 90% efficiency motor power required to the 69% efficiency pump delivers the 50 cubic meters per minutes at 5KG bars.

P(pump-output kW)   = 0.001667 * 50 * 5 / (0.9*0.69)

We need 0.67kW capacity motor.

By converting it into HP,

HP = 1.34 * kW

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Horse Power = 1.34 * 0.67 = 0.89HP

Almost we need 1 HP motor.


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