7 Types of Voltage Level ELV LV MV HV EHV Ultra High Voltage

Different Types of Voltage Level:

The different type of voltage notations is being used in a power system transmission and distribution. Let see the type of voltage.

  • Rated Voltage
  • Nominal Voltage
  • Extra low Voltage
  • Low Voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Extra High Voltage

Rated Voltage:

The maximum standard voltage that can be produced by a generating station is called rated voltage under safety margin. The rated voltage is typically said to be a generator’s maximum voltage.

Nominal Voltage:

The predermined system voltage is called nominal voltage. i.e an alternator has designed to produce 11kV + or – 5% but it produces 11. 1 kV means the nominal voltage of the alternator is 11kV and The rated voltage is 11.1kV. We cannot accurately maintain the alternator to operate in nominal voltage.

Extra Low voltage:

The Voltage level of below 70Volts is called Extra low voltage. The human can touch the line and it does not harm.

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Example: Electronics instrument axillary supply

Low Voltage:

The voltage level is between 70 Volts to 600 Volts called low voltage. Human do not touch these live wire.

Example: Domestic house hold or home appliances power supply, single phase or two phase 230 Volts, 440 Volts

Medium Voltage

ANSI/IEEE 1585-2002 refers to: Medium Voltage (0.6kV – 33 kV) and IEEE Std 1623-2004 refers to: Devices rated to medium voltage (1 kV-33 kV). [It is assumed that this is ac.]

Note: The different manufactures have different voltage standards.

Example: Rural power transmission lines, Industrial power distribution

High Voltage:

The voltage level between 33kV to 220 kV is called High Voltage. Also the transmission line carries the high voltages is called high voltage transmission lines.

Example: heavy transmission towers

What is Extra High Voltage:

The extra high voltages will be added as per the consumer requirement. Typically, the voltage level between the 220kV to 760 kV is called Extra High voltages.

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Example for 400 kV: Dehar – Panipat Line

Example for 760kV: Anpara – Unnao

Ultra High voltage:

The ultra-high voltage lines are nothing but a voltage level above 800kV is called Ultra high voltage.



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