Top 9 Difference Between Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Difference between electrical and electronics engineering:

Electrical engineering is a study of only electron-based circuits such as a generator, motor, MMF, EMF, etc, but electronics engineering is a study of both proton and electron circuit circuits such as semiconductor, control circuits, batteries, PLCs, etc. However, in this article, we are going to study the difference between electrical and electronics engineering.

For simple understanding, let us take a simple example of our laptop or PC, the laptop is used to store the data. The responsibility of an electrical engineer is to bring the power source from the generation station to your house which near to the laptop. By using power, the electronics engineer creates electronics components to operate the Laptop. such as ICs, converters, controllers, IGBTs etc.

The technical difference between electrical and electronics engineering:

  1. Electrical engineers are dealt with the generation and distribution of power but the electronics student does not focus on power generation and distribution, they are working on an invention to increase efficiency such as VFDs, Soft starters, DCS etc.
  2. Electrical engineering studies outer part of an atom, Electronics engineer studies about the inner part of an atom.
  3. Electrical engineers are mainly focusing on production but electronics engineer are mainly focusing on the product.
  4. Voltage Level: Electronics engineering students do not focus on high voltage or medium voltage. They are dealing with less than 25V but electrical engineering student works up to 11000 kV. The voltage level for electronics engineering is low, but electrical engineering is high.
  5. Electrical engineers are working with the magnetic field, motor, generator, relays, panels etc but electronics engineers are working with the transistor, SCR, Diode, FET, CMOS, etc,
  6. The fault level in the electrical system is higher than the electronics system.
  7. Academic concern, electrical engineering is very tough than electronics engineering.
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Salary for engineering graduate

8. Salary concern, both are the same for electrical and electronics engineering. As per the Bureau of Indian standard, any company should give a minimum of 2 Lacks per annum for electrical/electronic graduate engineering Trainees. For trainee apprentices, the company should give a minimum of 1.2L per annum.

9. However, the electronics engineer will get more salary than an electrical engineer. The lifestyle of an electronics engineer will be better than the electrical engineer.

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