Top 19 Difference Between Top Load & Front Load Washing Machine

Difference between top Load and Front Load Washing Machine.

Front-load and top load are the two types of technology that are used in the commercial and domestic washing machine. Both are having advantages and disadvantages but the main difference between top load and front load washing machine is cost, the top load machine is 30% cheaper than the front load washing machine.

However, in this article, we are going to see the 19 main difference between top load and front load washing machine.

What is Top load washing machine:?

The clothes will be loaded from the top side such machine is called a top load. Look at the image the opening has been at the top side.

Top loading washing machine
Top loading washing machine


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What is Front Load washing machine?

The clothes will be loaded from the front side of the machine such a washing machine is called a front-loading washing machine.

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Front Load Washing Machine
Front Load Washing Machine

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Difference between Top load and front loading washing machine?

S No Description Front Loading Top Loading
1 Clothes Feed Front side Top Side
2 Working Principle Tumbling process Agitator mechanism
3 Water Consumption Less High
4 Energy consumption High Low
5 Intermediate Cannot add Clothes Can Add the cloths
6 Washing Quality High Less
7 Price High Low
8 Water Removal faster less speed
9 Maintenance less High
10 Washing Speed Low High
11 Working Flexibility Easy High
12 Detergent Consumption Low High
13 Size Bigger Smaller
14 Noise/Sound Less High, But inverter duty machine will be lesser
15 Lifetime Less Higher
16 Smell High Less
17 Space occupation Higher Lesser
18 Clothe wear & tear Low higher


Energy Consumption front load and top load washing machine
Fig: 1.1 Energy Consumption front load and top load washing machine

Key Difference between top load and front load:

  1. In the front load washing machine, the clothes will be feed from the front side just like the window opening/closing. But in the top-load machine, the clothes feeding will be done from the top side like opening a cooker top opening and closing.
  2. Front-load washer works under the principle of the tumbling effect which means, the water will be filled at the bottom tub and the drum will be rotated the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction by touching the water. Due to that, the net water consumption is very less. But the top loader drum contains an impeller or agitator, the impeller/agitator will rotate the clothes by front and backward direction (Agitator mechanism).
  3. Water consumption of the front-load machine is very low but the top load machine consumption is higher. As a part of the working principle, the top load machine drum needs to be filled by the full quantity of water. So that it consumes higher water. I.e A LG 7 kG 5-star front load consumes only 8.28 L/kg/cycle, but a top load washing machine consumes 20.37 L/KG/Cycle. Here, a top load washing machine consumes 150% of water higher than the front load machine.
  4. The power consumption of the front load is higher than the top load washing machine. i.e LG 5 star 7 KG front load washing machine consumes 0.075 kWh/kg/cycle but top-load machine consumes only 0.01 kWh/kg/cycle. (Look at the figure Fig 1.1)
  5. The washing Quality of the front-load machine is higher than the top-load machine. Since the total weight falls on the drum which scrubs the clothes and it looks like hand washes. But top-loading machines work as immersing the clothes inside the water and clothes rub each other. So we cannot get the same output for a single cycle, to get the good quality we need to run the top load machine much longer.
  6. In the Front-load machine, you can not add or remove the clothes in midway. But in the top load washing machine, you can easily add or remove the clothes by pausing the machine.
  7. Clothes unload in a top-load machine are very easy and but in front load is difficult.
  8. The spin speed of the front load washer is 33% higher than the top-load machine. Front-load fully removes the water quickly from the cloth at spinning speed. For example, let us take 7 kg 5 star LG washing machine, see in the specification sheet, the top load motor speed is 780 RPM but the front load machine speed is 1200 rpm.
  9. Price concern the front load machine is higher than the top-load machine, i.e consider the same LG 7kG 5 star front-load machine is ₹ 29,990.00 but the same capacity top load washing machine is ₹ 18,990.00.
  10. For washing speed, the top loader completes the cycle much faster than the front loader. If a front load washer takes 50 minutes per cycle means, the top load consumes only 30 minutes per cycle for the same load.
  11. Clothes Wear and tear of the top loader is higher than the front loader, since it comes with the impellor/agitator along with the small wings. The wings may chance to damage your clothes under spinning speed.
  12. Front-load consumes less detergent than the top loader. These “front-load” detergents have a special formula that produces fewer suds. Also, you cannot use ordinary detergent in front load washer since the ordinary detergent may damage the mess.
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