Circular Waveguide Calculation, Formula, Example

Circular Waveguide Calculator

Waveguide is a simple construction which is made of hollow metal pipe. The cross section decides circular or rectangular. Cross section means it is circle. Here we are going to see the circular waveguide. Waveguide transmits electromagnetic energy. Circular waveguide is helps for transverse electric and transverse magnetic energy. Waveguide is like a filter and frequency limit is called as cut-off frequency.

The waveguides are easier compared to coaxial cable because coaxial cables required central and inner conductor or shielded cable but these are no need for waveguides. Due to very high dielectric, it can handle very high powers and radiation loss is very less compared to cables. That’s why these waveguides are mainly used for transmission lines. But compared to cost wise the coaxial cable is good and also a good conductor.

This calculator is by giving radius as input frequency as output.


Circular waveguide of cut off frequency(Fc) is equals to 1.8412 product of speed of light(c) is reciprocal of 6.28 of radius waveguide.

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fc = Circular waveguide for cut off frequency

c = Speed of light = 3*108 m/s

r = Radius of waveguide


let’s calculate circular waveguide for cut off frequency by circular waveguide. Consider radius as 25 inches

by applying formula



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