Top 5 cheap .com domain provider in India

Top 5 cheap .com domain provider in India:

Coming to the digital world all the people would like to start their blogs or website to elaborate their knowledge. For that we need a unique name is called domain name. Domain name is the foundation of your online process. That domain name should be easy to remember and should be keyword related. Also the TLD extention is some important criteria for selection of domains. Some of the most commonly used TLDs are .com, in, .org, .net, and country based TLDs are,, .us, .aus etc.

.com => Commercial sites are used also blogs, business sites are used, most commonly used TLDs

.in => in says internet on India. In is Internet. If you choose these .IN TLD extention in India, the search engine considers it as Indian local domain.

Note: Search engine always choose local data to index.
About Domain Cost:

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Guys I have booked almost 65 domains for all my youtube subscribers and my friends. In that, so many TLD extention are in the worlds, almost 27 extention I have purchased. The domain cost is depending upon the TLD extention. The .com domain cost is lesser than the .org domain and so on.

Let see the cheapest domain provider in India.


I 100% recommend all to purchase .com domain from website. Their domain .com are very cheap typically we can say it as free. the .com domain rate is just 0.99$ for first year in Indian rupees (INR = 62/-) and $14.99 in Indian Money (INR 1036/-) for renewal charges. These costs are very less as compared with other domain providers. Not only .com domains for all other powerful TLD extensions they give just 0.99$ for one year. They do not have any hidden charges as godaddy say such as the offer is only available for two years purchasing like that. Actually many Indian people really do not know about these awesome websites of .com domain providers. Now you may know, do not hesitate to purchase domain from

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Note: This is onetime for only one user guys. If you want to purchase the same offer for multiple domain, you should create multiple account in

Payments: Credit card for Indian users.


Yes, godaddy is a most popular domain provider in India, they have a great customer support team. Their cost is little bit low as compared with other domain provider. But high as compared with However, godaddy is the second cheapest .com domain provider in India. Godaddy offers for .com domain of just Rs 349/- for the first time and the renewal charges is low as compared with 1and1 com. Godaddy claims Rs 800 to 1000 Rupees as domain renewal charges. For other domains they do not provide decent offer. They give the domain with high cost. So always keep the godaddy domain option as second.

Note: godaddy is the best place for .IN domain purchase. The .IN domain cost is very less as compared with as domain provider excluded 1and1.

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Payment method: All Indian bank transfer accepted


Big rock is Third cheapest domain provider in India. They offer .com domain for an amount of Rs 399/- inclusive all taxes. Also this offer is only for purchasing two domains at the same time. The renewal charges of is less. They accept all of the Indian payment mode.

Name cheap:

The fourth cheapest domain provider. They provide 8.99$ for .com domain and you can get even 0.48$ for other extension like .club, .icu, .io etc. you check the price list of Also, they provide lifelong private whois data da protection for free of cost. They accept only credits cards for Indian users.


Hosting raja is a cheapest .com domain provider in India. They offer .com domain is Rs 580 rupees. Typically, in dollor $9.56. they offer free domain for purchasing in web hosting. With free SSL.

Purchase domain from

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Guys My suggestion is to purchase the .com domain from either from 1and1 or name cheap. Both are offering low cost with very advantage functions.

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