2 Ways We Can Save Power in Your House

2 Ways We Can Save Power in Your House?

Many of us really do not know why their electricity bills comes very high. When the bill comes, almost they die after seeing the electricity bill. First in our house the electricity bill was minimum 3000 per month. For god grace, I am an electrical engineer, So I decide to solve this electricity bills hike issue. So that We have practically implemented some technique in our house and succeed on that. In this we can, I am going to tell about the 7 efficient ways, you can reduce your electricity bills.


MD is nothing but a Maximum Demand Which means the maximum of load demand in a second is called MD. MD charges are depending upon your Maximum Voltage level. i.e If you are an EHV (Extra High Voltage) per KVA is Rs 200 + and for the same load if you are low voltage user the charges Rs 300+. The same thing you can see in your electricity bill. In case, if you have three phase power supply and single phase power supply from EB for two different house means, the MD charges for three phase is lesser than the single phase. Hence if you have large loads on your single phase line, try to get three phase line to reduce the cost.

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MD is typically rise when you use all the loads at a time. Example: Switching on heavy loads at a time such as Multiple Air conditioner, Refrigerator, electrical Induction stove, geezer etc.
Advice to Reduce electricity bill on MD charges:

  • Use Inverter AC.
  • Do not switch on the induction stove with Full temperature setting, Because of the temperature setting is purely depending the electrical loads.

Power factor:

Power factor is nothing but a ratio of real power to apparent power. Coming to the power factor, in Normal conventional meter’s power calculation is simple just multiple voltage and flow of current, it does not calculate the real power factor, therefore it shows the value of apparent power and EB only calculate or charge the total real power consumption, therefore we have to pay for apparent power consumption. But one thumb rule “Apparent power is always greater than or equal to Real power”. Here apparent power and real power is equal when the load is resistive, but in our house hold we use 75 % inductive and 25 % resistive. In inductive load apparent power is higher than the real power, therefore we have to pay extra money that we have not used. Let calculate the extra values. consider your load power factor is 0.8 means.

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Real power = pf * apparent power

Apparent power = real power/ pf

i.e your meter value is 50 units then the real power is 50 * 0.8 = 40 units. Originally we have to pay only for 40 units but we are paying electricity bill for 50 units forcibly. This trick is normally used in rural areas, that people do not know about electricity.

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