What is Step potential and Touch Potential and Calculation

What are Step potential and touch potential and Step potential and touch potential calculations

Step Potential and Touch Potential:

Step Potential is nothing the potential developed between the two feet on the ground of a man or animal when a short circuit occurs. Due to this potential, the living body may get an electric shock. This is mostly occurring in Electrical switchyard.

Step potential and touch potential
Step potential and touch potential.. Ref: Pinterest


Touch potential:

Touch potential is nothing but the potential is developed between the living body touches the faulty structure. When operating personnel touch electrical equipment during short circuit condition, fault current flows through the human body.

To avoid this, we use stone on the high voltage switchyard and Transformer yard.

Step potential and touch potential calculations

According to the inputs for the three-phase system:

Let us consider the spreadsheet for calculating touch potential and step potential. Please put the

Line-to-Neutral Volts (Vn)
Line 1 Calculated Load (A1)
Line 2 Calculated Load (A2)
Line 3 Calculated Load (A3)
Service Neutral Impedance Z1
Ground Resistance (3-point method) R
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For single-phase systems input parameters are:

Circuit voltage and ampere, Touch-Voltage-and-Ground-current-22-8-12 load, ground, electrode and body resistance.

Download Spreadsheet for calculation of step potential and touch potential.




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