Why Stones are used in Transformer Yard & Switchyard?

Why Stones is used in Electrical Switchyard & Transformer Yard:

Reasons for using Stones is used in Electrical Switchyard & Transformer Yard:

  • Stones in the substation is provided to reduce the step potential and touch potential when operators work on switch yard. Step and touch potential occurs due to the short circuit current flows on the conductor.
  • All the substation is provided with the good grounding system or low resistance path to the fault current. Therefore to provide the high resistance for foot and ground, the stones are provided.
  • Stones eliminate the growth of small weeds and plants inside the switchyard or transformer yard
  • It protects the moisture content evaporation and keeps the ground wet.
  • Most in switchyard Power Transformers insulated with the insulation oil. The insulating oil spillages catches fire easily. So Stones/Gravel is provided to protect from fire when oil spillage takes place.
  • Moisture on the floor level get minimized.
  • Compensate the vibration in transformer which has been caused due to magnetostriction in core
  • Improves yard working condition.
  • It restricts entering of snakes and other reptiles as the surface would be inconvenient to crawl.
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