0.5 HP Motor Price, Cable Size Chart, Contactor & Relay Size Chart

0.5 HP Motor Price:

0.37kW/0.5HP motor is the widely used motor for the low power application such as dewatering pump, mixer, grinder, rotating small dosing pump etc. Above chart is prepared with the practical consideration such as continues operating, variable speed usage, ON/OFF etc.

It has 0.6A full load current, hence we have recommended using 0.75A minimum full load current rated relay with the DOL Starter.

Here the difference between recommended 1.5Sqmm cable to 2.5Sqmm cable is that, as per IEC, the minimum electrical power cable size is 2.5Sqmm. For the open ground application, you can go for flat cables.

Also, you can easily collect the material from amazon, the link contains each material with the charted specification.

S.No 0.5 HP Motor Price Price Check Now
1 v guard water motor 0.5 hp price ₹2,840.00 Amazon
2 SUGUNA Aluminum 0.5HP ₹2,045.00 Amazon
3 Lakshmi 0.5 HP Pump price ₹2,040.00 Amazon
4 Crompton 0.5HP Motor Pump ₹3,925.00 Amazon
5 Texmo half hp motor price ₹2,450.00 Amazon
6 Kirloskar 0.5 hp motor price ₹2,659.00 Amazon
7 Texmo taro 0.5 hp monoblock ₹2,990.00 Amazon
8 Varuna motor 0.5 hp price ₹2,500.00 Amazon
9 Crompton mini master plus 0.5 hp ₹3,999.00 Amazon
10 Suguna 0.5 hp slow speed motor price ₹3,400.00 Amazon
11 Usha motor 0.5 hp ₹2,550.00 Amazon
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0.5HP Motor cable Size, Contactor Size, Relay Size Chart:

0.75 HP motor can be operated at 0.76A full load current, The motor is mostly used for house appliances, monoblock dewatering, submersible pump application etc.

By using Below cable size, relay size, contactor & MPCB size, you can build your own electrical starter. Also you can buy the respective material from amazon itself.

The chart for the 0.55kW/0.75HP motor is prepared as per the industrial standard.

0.5HP Motor cable Size, Contactor Size, Relay Size Chart
Price Check
Motor kW: 0.37/0.5HP Amazon
Full Load Current-1ph 1
Full Load Current-3ph 0.6
DOL Starter (recommended)
MPCB/MCB 1.6A Amazon
Overload Relay Range 0.75 to 1.1 Amazon
Contactor Size – AC3 9A Amazon
Max. Backup fuse 4
Required cable Size 1.5 Sqmm Amazon
Recommended Cable 2.5Sqmm Amazon
Terminal Block 6A Amazon
Cable Lug Size 2.5Sqmm Amazon
Crimping size – Hand 2.5 Sqmm Amazon
Starter Control Wiring 1.5 Sqmm Amazon
Starter Power Wiring 2.5 Sqmm Amazon
Cable Gland Size 16MM Amazon
Cable Tie 100MM Amazon
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