Cable Gland Size Chart & Double Compression Cable Gland Chart

Cable gland size chart:

Cable gland size is equal to the size of the cable bundle diameter. For example, if your cable bundle diameter is 50mm means then you should select the 50MM cable gland only. In order to avoid such calculation, we have prepared cable gland size chart for 1 core, 2 core, 3 Core, 3.5 core, 4 core, 5core, 7 core, 10 core, 12 core, 19 core, 27core, 37 core and 48 core cable.

Cable gland size chart
Cable gland size chart all core

Note: For HV cable, we cannot use cable gland.

Double Compression Cable Gland Chart:

Double compression cable glands are increasing the mechanical support for the cable. Look at the double compression cable gland table, we have given you the Brass Cable Gland Selection Chart BW CW E1W A2 cable gland selection chart for the SWA cable. The chart contains the images of each model cable gland along with the cable size.

Double compression Cable Gland size chart
Double compression Cable Gland size chart

Also in that chart, S, M and L are the suffixes of the cable gland which is used to indicate the size of the locking thread. Example, if you have cable gland mode with S means, the double compression cable gland’s inner assembly thread will be Small size.

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