How to Choose Right Starter For Motor?

How to choose to right Starter for your motor:

While buying a starter you need to follow the below-mentioned methods to choose the right starter for your motor.

  1. First, calculate the full rated current of the motor. If you do not know, you can use this formula.
  2. If the full load current is below 15Amps, you can go for DOL Starter and if the same current is above 15 amps we need to go for star delta starter. For more than 250HP, we should go for a soft starter or VFD (variable frequency drive). By using VFDs we get save almost 45% of the power as consumed by the Direct online starters. Also if your motor is a single-phase then go for single-phase starting method and if your motor is three-phase then go for three-phase starters.
  3. For pump application semi-automated starter is enough to start the motor but for higher torque motor such as grinder, mixer, Fan, you need to go for Full automated star delta starter.
  4. Always you should choose one step forward Relay Rating Only. Since the starter comes with the higher life and the same starter can be used while you upgrading the motor.
  5. Calculate the surrounding temperature, if the surrounding temperature is more than 35deg, you should go for a bus bar type or direct mounting starter. For Indian climate, you can use the l&t MK2 Model starter for your pump application.
  6. Always your cable entry should be connected at the bottom side. Hence the starter should have gland plate at the bottom side. But latest Siemens Wall-mounted starters are coming with the top and bottom entry.
  7. If you have flexible cable you can go for l&t MK1 or Mk2 model starter But in case of you have armoured cable, then better go for MU model starter.
  8. Earthing point should be connected easily
  9. Your starter should be at least, more than the IP 44 protection category.
  10. The spare availably should be high and it should have less maintenance.
  11. Do not buy the newly launched starter.
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Always follow the above 11 points to choose the right starter for your motor.


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