Amps to Volts Converter Online With Formula

Amps to volts converter:

First, enter power in watts and current in Ampere. Then press calculates button, the resultant voltage will be displayed in the bottom.


Select calculation:  
Enter amps: A
Enter watts: W
Result in volts: V

Amp and volts both units are belonging to current and voltage and they are doing great contribution in the power calculation. In such a way that, the real power P is

P(W) = V(Volts) * I(Amps)

Hence for calculating Voltage V in Volts,

V(Volts)= P(W) / I(Amps)

Also in another way, you can convert Amps to voltage. I mean using ohms’ law we can do the same,

V(Volts) = I(Amps) * R (ohm)

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