Amps to Watts Converter For DC, Single Phase & Three Phase

Amps to Watts Calculator:

In this, we are going to calculate three nature of Amps to watts’ conversion such as DC nature, single-phase nature and three-phase nature.

For AC current to real power conversion, enter the line to line or line to phase voltage by selecting the option.


Select current type:  
Enter current in amps: A
Enter voltage in volts: V

Power result in watts: W

DC Amp to watt converter:

For converting DC amps to watt just enter amps value in the current field and volts in voltage field. Then press calculates button, instantly you get the Power to result in watts. How does this conversion calculator work?

As you know, the DC power formula P is

P(W) = I(A) * V(V)

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DC power is the multiplication of DC current and DC voltage.

AC Single Phase Amp to watt converter:

AC is the same as DC, but additionally, we need to multiply the power in the power factor times. Also, the voltage is calculated between the line to neutral. The single-phase amp to watt conversion formula is below,

P(W) = I(A) * V(V) * Cos (pi)

Our calculator only works for lagging power factor. Hence you need to enter the power factor value between 0 to 1.

Three-phase Amps to Watt converter:

Three-phase power is three times of the single-phase power. Look at the formula,

P(W) = 3* I(A) * V(V-N) * Cos (pi)

While considering line voltage, the amp to watt converter formula becomes,

P(W) = √3* I(A) * V(V-L) * Cos (pi)

Simple power factor chart:

power factor chart
power factor chart


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