Amps to VA Converter Online For Single phase & Three Phase

Amps to VA Converter:

For converting Amp to Volt-Amp (VA), enter the current in A and voltage in volts, then press calculates button you get the results in Volt-Amps box.


Select phase #:  
Enter amps: A
Enter line to line volts: V
Result in volt-amps: VA

Single-phase Amps to VA calculation:

As you know the apparent power in a circuit is a multiplication of potential difference and the current flow through the circuit. It is denoted by “S”. The unit of apparent power is VA (Volt-Amp).

Hence S = V * I

For single-phase, the voltage to be measured between the line and neutral point.

Three-phase Amps to VA Calculation:

For calculating three-phase current (Amps) to Apparent power, we have two different formula based on the voltage of line to neutral and line to line.

For three-phase current I(A) with a line to neutral voltage,

I(A) = S(VA)/3* V(L-N)

Hence apparent power S in VA is

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S(VA) = 3 I(A) * V(V)

While considering line to line voltage, the Apparent Power S become

S(VA) = √3 * I(A) * VL-L(V)


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