eV to volts (V) Converter Online With Elementry & Columb Charge

eV to volts (V) Converter:

Enter the energy in electron-volts and charge in coulombs or elementary charge by selecting the option. Then click the button, you get the results in the volts box.

Enter energy in electron-volts: eV
Select charge unit type:  
Enter elementary charge : e
Result in volts: V

i.e if choose elementary charge unit, and If you enter eV value as 25 eV, and a charge of 10e means, you get 2.5 V.

if you choose another option of Coulomb unit means, as your charge unit type, with 25 (eV) and 10 (C), then the result in volts will be 4.005441412e-19 V.

What is eV or Electron Volts:

An amount of energy required to move a charge of one electron at one-volt potential difference is called eV. eV is the unit of energy and it is denoted by E. Volts is the unit of potential difference and it is denoted by V.

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Hence for calculating volts from eV by elementary charge, use the below formula

E(eV) = V(Volts) * Q(e)


V(Volts) = E(eV) / Q(e)

The potential difference is equal to the energy required divided by charge (Q(e)).

In case, for using charge unit as Columb,

The formula become,

V(V) = 1.602×10-19 × E(eV) / Q(C)

Note: our eV to V calculator gives you the accurate information depending on the units filled in the text fields


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