Joules to volts (J to V) Converter Online With Chart

How to convert Joules to volts (J to V):

Below J to V converter used to convert the value from energy to voltage. All you need to enter the joules value of the energy and charge value in Columb, then click the calculate button. You get the voltage value in volts in the results box.


Enter energy in joules: J
Enter charge in coulombs: C
Voltage result in volts: V

As you know joules is the unit of energy and volts is the unit of voltage.

The energy E (joules) is equal to multiplication of voltage (volts) and charge (Columb), therefore

E(J) = V(V) * Q(C) ———-1

From formula 1, the voltage value

V(V) = E(J) / Q(C)

Or in simple words,

Volts = Joules / Charge

The above formula is used in our calculator.

Joules To Volts Conversion Chart:

Joules to volts Conversion Chart
Joules to volts Conversion Chart
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