Joules to Watts Converter Online (J to W)

Joules to watts Converter Online (J to W):

Converting joules to watt is very simple, enter the energy value in joules and power value in watt in the below calculator. After pressing the calculate button you get the J to W value in the results box.

Also, the reset option is used to clear value in the field.

Enter energy in joules: J
Enter time in seconds: s
Power result in watts: W

Joules to watts (J to W) calculation:

Energy is nothing but an amount of power.  In other words, multiplication of power and times is energy. Here energy is denoted by E(J) in Joules and Power P(watt) in Watts

E(J) = P(watt) * T(s)

P(watt) = E(J) / T(s)

For example;

Assume a resistance circuit consumes 50 joules for 5 seconds, what will be the power?


P (W) = 50 J / 5s = 10 watts

It means that the circuits consume 10 watts.

J to W conversion chart:
Joules (J) Time (s) Watt (W)
10 5 2
20 5 4
100 5 20
1000 5 200
10000 5 2000
100000 5 20000
1000000 5 200000
10000000 5 2000000
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