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kVA to Amp Conversion Calculator:

for calculating current Amps value from kVA (kilo Volt-Amp), we need to enter voltage in volts’ field and Apparent power in kVA field. The apparent power should be in kVA format. Using the below calculator, you can find the conversion for both single-phase and three-phase voltage. For three-phase, we have an additional option of the line to neutral and line to line calculation. After entering all the value, just click the calculate button. You get the result in Amps from kVA.

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Let we find how to do the calculation,

Single-phase kVA to Amp:

Apparent power in kVA is the multiplication of volts and Ampere with divided by 1000. For calculating current, we need to reverse the formula as below,

I(Amp) = 1000 × S(kVA) V(V)

It means Amp is equal to 1000 times of kVA which is divided by the volts.

Three-phase kVA to Amp:

We have two formula based on the voltage input while taking the line to neutral volts VL-N(V), the Amp will be

I(Amp) = 1000 * S(kVA) / (3 * VL-N(V))

For Line to Line voltage VL-L(V) the Amp will be 1000 times of kVA divided by 1.732 times of the volts.

I(Amp) = 1000 * S(kVA) / (3 * VL-L(V) )

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