kVA to kW Conversion Calculator Online Apparant Power to Real Power

kVA to kW Conversion calculator:

Just enter the apparent power in kilovolt-amps and pf between 0 to 1 then click the Calculate button to get the real power in kiloWatt.

Enter kilovolt-amps: kVA
Enter power factor:  
Result in kilowatts: kW

kVA = kilo Volt Amp, kW – KiloWatts and as respectively they are unit of apparent power (S (kVA)) and real power P(kW). By dividing real power with power factor pf we can get apparent power value.

S(kVA) = P(kW) / pf ——–1


kVA = kA / pf

For converting real power from apparent power use the formula 1, therefore

P(kW) = S(kVA) * pf

kW = kVA * pf

For example,

An electric motor has a kVA rating of 60 kVA and it operates at 0.96 pf calculate the real power kW?

Apply our equation,

kW = kVA * pf

kW = 60 * 0.96

Real power = 57.6 kW

kVA to kW Conversion Chart:
kVA pf KW
10 0.96 10.41667
50 0.96 52.08333
100 0.96 104.1667
500 0.96 520.8333
1000 0.96 1041.667
5000 0.96 5208.333
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