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kVA to VA calculator:

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kVA (kilo Volt-Amp) and VA (Volt-Amp) both are the unit of Apparent Power S. kVA is a 1000 times of VA hence VA can be calculated by dividing kVA by 1000.

Transmitter Output in Percentage to...
Transmitter Output in Percentage to Process Variable - Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature

S(VA) = 1000 * S(kVA)

For example, how much VA is equal to 100kVA?

Let’s apply our equation.

S(VA) = 1000 * 100 = 1,00,000 VA

kVA to VA Conversion Chart:


S. No kVA VA
1 10 10000
2 50 50000
3 100 100000
4 500 500000
5 1000 1000000
6 5000 5000000



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