VAR to kVAR Conversion Calculator

VAR to kVAR Calculator:

Enter the reactive power in volt amp reactive (VAR), then press the calculate button to get kilo Volt Amp Reactive (kVAR).

Enter Volt Amp reactive (VAR): VAR
Result – Kilo Volt Amp Reactive: kVAR

Convert VAR to kVAR:

Reactive power Q(kVAR) in kilo Volt-Amp Reactive is equal to the reactive power Q(VAR) in VAR divided by 1000. Hence for calculating VAR to kVAR formula,

Q(kVAR) = Q(VAR) / 1000

kVAR = VAR / 1000


Calculate the 25000 VAR capacitor banks into kVAR.

Apply our formula,

kVAR = 25000/ 1000 = 25kVAR.

Hence 25000 VAR is equal to 25kVAR.

VAR to kVAR Conversion Chart:

Loot at the standard VAR to KVAR Conversion table. Here 1 VAR is equal to 0.001 kVAR.

1 0.001
10 0.01
100 0.1
1000 1
10000 10
100000 100
1000000 1000
10000000 10000

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