What is cable gland?

What is cable gland:

Cable gland is a mechanical assembly, used for sealing the cable, providing the earthing to the inner armoured, increasing the mechanical strength for the cable connection, avoiding the loss contact while vibrating the cable etc.

Depending upon your application, you can select the cable gland based on different MOC. Ie. If you are planning to lay the cables at the bottom entry means, then you can go for light-duty cable glands. Example: Single compression brass.

Cable gland image
Cable gland image

Construction part, cable gland can be made up of brass, silver, stainless steel, PG thread and nylon. It consists of five important parts such as inner seal assembly, outer seal assembly, check-nut, armour cone, holding ring, and deluge seal.

Look at the picture, in that, the outer seal assembly is used to hold the cable from the bottom side. A threaded Inner check nut is used to lock the cable gland at the gland plate. Armour cone is used to bend the armoured on it as shown in the figure. Holding ring is used to provide the extra strength to the cable gland.

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Cable Glanding
Cable Glanding

What is cable Gland video:


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