What is Type 2 coordination & Type 1 Coordination

Type 2 coordination and type 1 coordination are IEC standard for electrical machine starting equipment. type-2 coordination is an advanced standard of type 1 coordination. While buying the starter materials, you should ensure the equipment’s coordination. Let us understand what is type1 coordination and type 2 coordination.

What is Type1 coordination:

Type 1 coordination is nothing but a machine cannot be started without any maintenance work and it should not create any damage for the installation and personals.

For example, take a motor along with the starter. During the short circuit condition, the motor or motor’s starter equipment may get damage during the short circuit. Hence it cannot start immediately after clearing the fault by resetting the starter. The starter material may need to be replaced with the spare. Such a starting arrangement is called type 1 starter. It is an old standard.

But any industry wants to get continuous protection from their machine, but by using type-1 coordination starting equipment, may increase the downtime. In order to overcome such things, type 2 coordination is created.

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What is Type 2 coordination:

Type 2 coordination is nothing but an immediate start without any work on the motor on starter under short circuit condition. It is applicable for both moving and fixed contacts.

For example, a motor attains a short circuit; the relay commands the contactor to open circuit. During this, the starter equipment such as contactor, relays, MCCB or MPCB (Not Fuses), Cable, bolts should not get any damage.

In this, only the relay rest flag shall indicate the circuit is opened, by resetting the same, the equipment starts at no minute.

Type 2 protective device, should clear peak current or fault current within 8 Milliseconds.

Why type 2 coordination is recommended?

  • Increase productivity
  • High Safety
  • High initial cost but less maintenance cost.


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