Tripura Electricity Bill Calculator & Rate Per unit in Tripura

Tripura Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the electric power consumption in the first box & select the number of phases, then press the calculate button to get the electricity bill as per latest Tripura electricity board.
For three-phase connection, you have to enter the connected load.

While choosing the reading option clear all the values.

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Choose Reading or unit:  
Select the Supply 1ph3ph  
Total Unit Consumption As per SSERC: kWh
Enter The Connected Load: kWh
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Duty Amount: INR
Result – Meter rent Amount: INR
Result – Total Bill Amount: INR

Rate Per unit in Tripura Electricity Board:

Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd has not revised their tariff order from FY 2014-2015, The same rate per unit is applicable for the FY 2020-21.

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According to that tariff order, the LT domestic consumer shall be charged based on two categories such as BPL and LT Domestic.

Domestic LT Per unit rate in Tripura
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Urban Rural
BPL 0-15 58/con/Month
Domestic 0-50 Rural 3.34 * 15
0-50 4.17 25
51-150 5.46 40
150-300 6.16 50
>300 7.2 50
3ph All Units 7.05 50/kW/con/Month

BPL consumer shall pay ₹ 58 per month and per connection. This scheme available for the BPL consumer’s consumption is not more than 15 units per month.

LT domestic consumer shall be charged 4 slap rates such as

  • For 0 to 50 units, ₹ 4.17 per unit and ₹ 25 per month minimum charges shall be levied from the urban consumer; but for the rural consumer for the consumption of first 50 units, they will be charged ₹ 3.34 per unit with the ₹ 15 per connection per month. Also, rural consumer exceeding 50 units, the excess amount shall be billed as per the urban tariff slaps.
  • For 51 to 150 (next 100 units), the per-unit cost is ₹ 5.46 /- with 40 per connection per month
  • For the next 150 units (151 to 300), the per is ₹ 6.16/- with 50/Con/Month
  • For above 300 units, the per-unit cost for all consumer is ₹ 7.20 with 50/con/Month
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For three-phase consumer, shall pay ₹ 7.05 per unit for all the consumption with 50/kW/Connection as Fixed charges.

Tripura electricity board do not charge electricity duty.

TSEC Electricity bill calculation:


Calculate the electricity bill for the consumption of 647 units

Here the consumer shall pay ₹ 4226.90/ as total electricity bill.

Tripura Electricity Bill Calculation for 647 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Units Bill
Domestic 0-50 4.17 50 208.5
51-150 5.46 100 546
150-300 6.16 150 924
>300 7.2 347 2498.4
  Energy Charges 4176.9
Fixed Charges 50
Electricity Duty
Total 4226.90



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