SSERC Electricity Bill Calculator & Rate Per unit Cost in Sikkim

Sikkim Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the energy consumption or choose the reading option. Then press the calculate button to get the energy bill as per SSERC, fixed charges and total bill amount payable to the electricity board. Use the reset button to clear the existing calculation.

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Rate Per Unit in Sikkim 2022-23

According to the latest tariff order 2022-23, SSERC- Sikkim State Electricity regulation board has reduced its per-unit cost for the consumer. Look at the tariff table,

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Domestic LT Per unit rate in Sikkim
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) 1 ph 3ph
Domestic 0-50 1 40 200
51-100 2
100-200 3
200-400 3.5
>400 4

Currently, LT domestic consumer is charging on 5 tariff slap basis.

  • For 0 to 50 units, the unit cost is ₹ 1.0/-
  • For 50 to 100 units the rate per unit cost is ₹ 2.0/-
  • For 100 to 200 units the unit cost is ₹ 3.0/-
  • For 200 to 400 units, the rate per unit cost is ₹ 3.5/-
  • Above 400 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 4.0 per unit.

In addition to that, the consumer shall pay ₹ 40 per connection per month as minimum charges for single-phase connection and 200 for three-phase connection.

Sikkim electricity board do not charge electricity duty and tax.

SSERC Bill calculation:

Let we calculate the electricity bill for the consumption of single-phase, 765 unit as per Sikkim electricity latest tariff order 2020-21.

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Look at the bill, the consumer shall pay ₹ 2650.00/- for the consumption of 765 units.

Sikkim Electricity Bill Calculation for 765 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Units Bill
Domestic 0-50 1 50 50
51-100 2 50 100
100-200 3 100 300
200-400 3.5 200 700
>400 4 365 1460
  Energy Charges 2610
Fixed Charges 40
Electricity Duty
Total 2650.00



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