What is Potential Gradient in Electrical, Use of Potential Gradient Calculation

What is Potential Gradient:

Potential gradient is nothing but the rate of change of electric potential with respect to displacement. It is also called as dielectric stress or voltage stress. Consider an object X is placed near to the high voltage line and L is the distance between the object X and the high voltage conductor,

potential gradient

Then the Potential gradient formula can be expressed as

Unit of the Potential gradient is Volt/meter typically V/m

Refer the graph between the Potential gradient and distance

When the distance of the object is less or near to the high voltage conductor the potential gradient is high, when you increase the distance the same decreases. At the same time when you increase the voltage the potential gradient also increases.

Significance of Potential gradient:

  • While Making a safe cable, the dielectric strength of the insulation provided must be more than value of potential gradient.
  • Grading is a process of achieving uniform dielectric stress or voltage gradient
  • In Power system the magnitude of potential gradient is depending upon the resistivity and fault current. If the magnitude is high, then it may affect the person by step and touch potential.
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Video Explanation in Hindi:

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