10 Facts about Electricity in Human Body

10 Facts about Electricity in Human Body:

These all are the facts about a health human body such as 75 Kg weight, 6 feet height and No illness.

  1. A healthy human Can generate 75 Watts of electrical energy per a day.
  2. A Human body can withstand infinite voltage in an open circuit. i.e A man can hang in a 1000kV DC or AC Voltage Transmission lines without predefined distance. i.e A man stands below a 110kV (Kilo Volts) line If the distance between a human and the transmission line is less than 4 meters, the human feel the induction of the 110kV lines
  3. A dry skin Body has 10 Mega Ohm resistance and the wet skin have the resistance of 500 Ohms. The high voltage easily breaks the human skin and creates the current flow path. If the voltage is above 70 Volts a Normal human feels electrical shock and the effect of shock is depending upon the different types of voltage level
  4. A human body creates 100 pF to 200 pF capacitance of charging with 1000 Volts.
  5. A human Cannot withstand a lightning strike at any cost. Because of the lightning strike creates 10,000 Amps peak.
  6. Human body creates inductance value of 500 to 750 nH.
  7. 1 mA current creates in human body => tangling sensation, 5mA => shocks, 6 mA to 16mA => painful shock, 17mA to 100 mA => serious muscle contraction Possible to death and 100mA to 2000mA => Death with full burnt => more than 2000mA which converts human body into ash. The electrical furnace uses such principle.
  8. Human Cannot withstand DC shock, unfortunately if it happens means then which leads to death.
  9. Human nail and hair has high resistance (insulator), it never conducts electric current. Human urine is having the highest conductivity.
  10. Human can produce 10 to 100 millivolts of static voltage using his footsteps, blood flow, Exercise, body heat and urine feces. That’s why the human or any living thing do not allow to touch the electronics equipments.
  11. A Human heart can produce maximum 2.5 to 3 mVolts and 0.1mV as minimum.
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