How to Read the Electrical Wiring Diagram

How to read the electrical wiring diagram:

An electrical wiring diagram is nothing but a chat that represents the workflow of electrical equipment which are all involved in the system. It is also called an electrical circuit diagram. All the electrical equipment will be identified with the sort of diagram. Ie transformer, motor, current transformer, potential transformer etc. The electrical wiring diagram consists of two types such as a single line wiring diagram and a multi-line wiring diagram.

Read Electrical Wiring diagram:

Refer to the figure, an electrical wiring diagram is surrounded by the rectangular box. The box is marked with the numbers and alphabets followed by the page number. See their number is in the horizontal axis and alphabets in the vertical axis.

How to Read the Electrical Wiring Diagram How to Read the Electrical Wiring Diagram

For example, in our diagram 21/11E means, that contact goes to 21st page and the junction of 11th horizontal and E’s vertical axis. This how you can understand the electrical wiring diagram.

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