How to Understand Motor Nameplate Details-ND 280 M/S/L

How to Understand Motor Nameplate Details-ND 280 M/S/L:

Make: CG

It tells about the name of OEM. OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer. The motor is manufactured by Crompton Greaves. Some other manufacturers are supplying the same type of motor; Example: Siemens, Alstom, Kirlosker, ABB, QRE, Remi etc.

Machine No: NADV45

It says about manufacture model number of that particular type of motor. Machine number can be used in many motors by the OEM. It is very useful to purchase identical spare for the same motor.

Frame size: ND280M

Frame size says about mechanical structure of the motor. It is useful for purchasing spare motor and replacing the motor.

Also see:

ND280 => Height from Ground point to shaft center point distance.

M => Medium core

REF no: NGAM 5905

It is used only for manufacturer.

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Electrical Data:

KW (HP): 90 (120)

KW => Kilo Watts, HP => Horse Power

It mentions about load capacity of the motor. Here 90KW means, it consumes 90 kilo watts per hour at 100 % load. 120 is simple KW to HP conversion (1 HP = 0.746 kilo watts)

EFF: 94.5% efficiency of the motor

It means ratio between the Output power of the motor to input power of the motor.

Efficiency= output power/Input power

Hz= 50 Hz + or – 5 %

It says about frequency range of the motor. Which means we can run motor between 47.5 Hz to 52.5 Hz to get better performance (to get good efficiency).

Voltage: 415V + or – 10%

It is the operating voltage range of the motor. here the thresold limits mentions that the motor can be operated at Minimum voltage of 370 V and Maximum Voltage of 460 V. If the voltage level increases beyond that limit, then, the winding insulation  may get failures.

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RPM= 1480

It is the speed of the motor in Revolution Per Minutes. It means, the motor shafts rotates 1480 revolution in one minute.

A= 147 motor full load Current

It says about the full load capacity of the motor. This data is the main part of the motor protection form over current or over load. You can load the motor up to 147 Amps or the maximum input current through the motor is 147 A.

Connection: Delta

The default connection of the motor is delta connection.  The motor power terminal will be connected in delta connection with short link (understand short link by short circuit). It can be modified according to your application.

For VFD, DOL, auto transformer starter, soft starter it does not require to remove short link

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For Star/Delta starter you must remove the same.

PF =0.9

It is the full load power factor

Ambient temperature: 50 deg. surrounding temperature

It says about the maximum allowable motor surrounding temperature. If the temp. increases, then the motor temperature also increases. Always try to keep 25 – 35 deg. Celsius.

Also see:

  • The temperature Conversion

TH/Temp Rise: F/B

It means maximum operating temperature of the winding insulation. The motor is designed for F class insulation and works up to B class insulation. To know about insulation class You can feel free to visit this.[wp_ad_camp_3]

Mechanical data:

Relub hrs: 5800

Re-lubrication time. We need to re-fill lubrication (grease) in the bearing side. Pour maximum 35 gms grease each DE and NDE side of the bearing.

DE – driver end, NDE – Non Driver End

Duty: S1

It says about, how long the motor has to run without stopping.

S1 duty = Continuous duty, the motor has designed to run 365 X 24 hours

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Example: pump, air blower, fans, ventilators etc.

S4 duty= Intermediate duty, it works as S1 duty + designed to withstand high starting current

Example: Crane, unloader, lift, long trolley and short trolley etc.

Note: S4 duty can be used as S1 duty but S1 duty cannot be used as S4 duty.

Also see:

Bearing DE and NDE;

It tells about installed bearing number of the motor. This data use to replace the bearing when bearing failure.

How to Read bearing Number (Video Tutorial):

Grease Unirex:

It means, the type of grease is applied in the bearing. Unirex is the make of the grease. I used Unirex N3 grease for my 750 KW, 2990 rpm motor.


Mounting of the motor. Hear B3 foot mounting. This is also important data for purchasing the identical spare.

Some of the mounting here

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Foot mounting, Flange mounting and Foot come flange mounting.

IP IP 55: Protection of the motor

It says about protection from outside environment like dust, moisture, water falling etc. To know about IP Class click this.

WT 670 Kg:

Weight 670 kilo gram.

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