Cheap DOL starter – DCS/Remote/Local Start/Stop

DOL starter:

Where we should use:

The name DOL Starter is called as Direct online starter. Less than 10 HP motor we can use DOL starter. Some of the Pump application like emergency backup pumps, firefighting pumps etc. I have used the same setup upto 125 KW.

Working function:

Direct 415 V will be applied to the 3 phase motor or any unit. Motor’s connection is depending upon the application requirement. It may be star or delta (in most of the cases delta connection are used).

Required Materials:

Push button: 4 (Stop=2/start=2)

Push Button NO: 2

Push button NC: 2

Also see: what is meant by no and nc

3 ways 3 pole Selector switch (salzer make is better): 1

Indication lamb: 3 reds, 2 yellow, 2 green,

Mcb 2 pole, 2 Amps: 1
Also see: How to select MPCB: 1 or MCCB :1

OLR thermal overload relay: 1

Power Contactor: 1

Control contactor: 1

Cable 4 sqmm multi stand flexible copper cable: 5 meter each colour R, Y, B

Cable 1.5 Sqmm multi stand Flexible Copper cable: Required

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Connector: Required

Connector mounting C channel: 2 full length

Control NO: 2, Control NC: 2

Starter control panel: 1 Size minimum LXDXH (400X150X400)

Remote control panel: 1 size 300X150X300

Note: Select the range as per your requirement

Control Diagram:

Cheap DOL starter - DCS/Remote/Local Start/Stop Cheap DOL starter - DCS/Remote/Local Start/Stop

How does the circuit Work:

Step: 1

  1. Here MCB uses to control the input supply into the circuit.
  2. OLR NO uses to protect the power circuit
  3. We can switch off the circuit by using OFF the push button
  4. SSW- Selector Switch Select any one of the position (Local or Remote or DCS)
  5. Local- Control the starter from panel push button, Remote – Control from motor/Load near control panel and DCS- Distributed Control System – Controls from PC
  6. K3 contactor work as Contact multiplier.
  7. K3 NO1, K3 NO3 and KO NO2 work as Potential free contact.

Power circuit:

Take MPCB, Contactor and OLR range as per your Load current of your application.
Cheap DOL starter - DCS/Remote/Local Start/Stop

Step: 2

  1. Build or construct the Control circuit as shown in the figure
  2. Do commissioning on control circuit (first check control circuit)
  3. Once completed, Make Power connection.
  4. Take Trail
  5. Enjoy ……
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