Electrical Panel & Types of Electrical Panels used In Industry

Electrical Panel & Types of Electrical Panels:


An electrical panel is nothing but a load control center. All the electrical actions such as power distribution, power transmission, power system protection are performed by using electrical panel only. The electrical scheme (wiring diagram) will be established using electrical panel & Electrical panels are the practical installation of electrical wiring diagram. It consists of trip circuit, closing circuits, busbars, cables, MCCBs, MCBs, MPCBs, NO & NCs, etc. Electrical panels are ensuring the safe power distribution to the load. Electrical panels are manufactured by rolled steel and well-shaped either rectangle or square. Electrical panel are classified different types as per application.

  • Control Panel
  • PCC – Power control center
  • MCC – Motor Control Center
  • MLDB – Main Lighting Distribution board

Control Panel:

Control Panel consists of circuit control elements such as protecting relays, meters, alarm circuits, PLCs, SMPS, Small power source, etc. These panels will be placed near the maintenance operator’s place or the operator will be monitored the control panel.

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PCC panel:

PCC is a short form of Power Control Center. This is a heart of the control circuit. The output of the generators or transformers is given to PCC. The major power circuit equipments will be installed in this panel. It consists of circuit breakers, Busbar, PTs (Potential Transformer), CTs (Current Transformer), insulators etc. Major protection circuits will be installed in this panel to protect transformers, Motors, Generators etc. The output Power from the PCC panel will be distributed to MCC panels via feeders.

MCC Panel:

MCC is a short form of Motor control center. It consists of Feeders. And feeder contains motor’s starter, SFU, MCB, MCCB, MPCBs, Control transformer, meters etc. Once you open the door of the MCC panel doors you can access all the circuit breakers or fuses. Usually one of these panels feeds all the circuits in the power plant or other electrical applications but there may be a situation where there is another “sub-panel” such as welding distribution board or lighting distribution board serving a dedicated area.

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MLDB- Main Lighting Distribution Board: Distributes power to the lighting circuits.


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