DC Motor Nameplate Details Explantion

DC Motor Nameplate Details:

DC Motor is nothing but a direct current motor which is designed to operate in direct current. Each Motors are manufactured with its specified details. The details about the motor is given in the motor name plate.  In this we are going to see how to read or understand about DC Motor through name plate details.

Make: CG

The Motor is manufactured by Crompton Greaves. In such way, you can see some other motor manufactured such as Siemens, ABB, IEC, Krilosker, BHEL etc.

M/C Number: SALG859

In this, you can find the machine model number. Each machine has its separate model. Machine number of DC motor tells about the design details.

REF: MBAD 0016

This is for manufacture reference purpose. This number is used to find out the testing details. Also this is the reference number for feature spare procurement for the same motor.
kW: 3.7

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The Maximum power that can be supplied by the motor. Also it says about the motor energy consumption. In this, the DC motor can consume only 3.7 unit per hour at 100% load (full load current).

Frame size: ASHC 132L

Here 132L means the height of the motor from footer to shaft center is 132 mm and L means the core size is length. In such way that you can find some other core size medium ‘M’ and Short for ‘S’

RPM: 1500

This is the speed of the DC motor. The motor rotates at 1500 revolution per minutes. Also you can vary the speed of the DC Motor by changing the armature voltage and field current.

Insulation class: F

Insulation class mentions that the type of insulation material is used in the motor winding. This is an important data, to control the body temperature of the motor. The motor can withstand at maximum temperature of 155deg. Each insulation class have its own temperature withstanding. Here you can find that the temperature class.

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Excitation: SEP

In this, we can come know what type of excitation system used for exciting field winding. Here SEP means separately excited, also SELF means self-excited DC motor. For SEP type motor we have to give separate DC power supply to the motor.

Armature Voltage: 110 Volts

The rated armature voltage is 110 DC volts. More than 110 volts supply to the armature winding is not recommended.
Duty: S1

Duty is nothing but the operating hours of the DC motor. In this, S1 duty means we can run the motor for 365 days X 24 hours. here you can find the other motor duty operation.


It tells about the field coil position. Three types of DC motors are most popular. First one is Series motor, second one is shunt motors and compound motor. In this our motor field coil is connected in parallel with the armature winding.

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Armature current: 40 Amps

The rated current of the armature is 40 Amps. This is full load capacity of the motor. Also we can load any motor at 120% of the full load.


MTG B3 means the mounting of the motor. B3 means foot mounting. The motor operates in the bed. Some other types of mountings are flange mounting and foot come flange mounting is available in the market. Mounting is depending upon the application only. Before purchasing a motor, you should clearly mention the type of mounting.

Bearing CE: 6206 2RS & Bearing NCE 6309 2RS

It is same like induction motor DE & NDE. Here CE means commutator end. The commutator side motor bearing number is 6206 2RS. Non Commutator end side bearing number is 6306 2RS. This data is used for spare bearing procurement process.

Field Voltage: 110 Volts. & Field Current: 0.87 Amps

The input DC voltage of filed winding is 110 Volts. & the Maximum rated current of the field winding is 0.87 amps.

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AMB 50 deg:

It means the ambient temperature of the motor is 50 deg. The motor can operate with the surrounding temperature of 50 deg.

Protection: IP55

  • Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material

Cooling IC 0041:

The fan cooled motor which cools the stator as well as rotor of the machine. The cooled air is pushed through the armature air gap using fans.

Remaining data are just mechanical data only…





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