Difference Between CT and PT Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer

12 Difference Between CT and PT Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer

  1. Current transformers are working as a step-up transformer where the voltage transformer works as step-down transformer this is major difference between Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer.
  2. CT secondary is never being as an open circuit, if it the secondary of the CT is in open circuit then, the secondary creates high voltage across the secondary terminal which damages the winding insulation. But In PT the secondary terminal always in open circuit.
  3. PT secondary terminal should not be shorted at the terminal point without connecting any load. CT secondary terminal always in short circuit condition, with load or without load.
  4. In CT primary side, a small voltage exists across the CT terminal as connected in series PT with the load, full winding voltage appears across its terminal.
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  6. CT winding carries full current, PT winding carries full voltage
  7. CT can not be connected in between two terminal.. But PT connected in between two terminal
  8. CT does not need any bushing only supporting arrangement are necessary to carry CT module. But in PT two bushings are need to connect it with the line voltage.
  9. CT is connected in series transformer under all conditions, but PT is a parallel transformer.
  10. CT secondary can not be removed separately easily by in PT it can be removed easily as possible, except series wire wound CTs.
  11. MV type current transformer comes with equipotential ring, but PT do not need equipotential ring.
  12. CTs are series connected load, PTs are parallel connected loads
  13. PTs Burden is high as compared with Current transformer. this is another practical Difference Between Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer
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