What is The Purpose Of Stockbridge Damper In Transmission Line

What is the purpose of stock bridge damper:

Stockbridge damper is used to control or suppress the wind induced vibration of overhead conductors. The Stockbridge damper targets oscillations due to aeolian vibration; it is less effective outside this amplitude and[wp_ad_camp_2] frequency range. Aeolian vibration is nothing but winding induced oscillation which has amplitude of millimeters to centimeters and a frequency of 3 to 150 Hz. Aeolian vibration causes damaging stress fatigue to the cable. It causes failure of conductor strands. It is connected at two end of the transmission power line span. The vibration damper has a length of steel messenger cable. Two metallic weights are attached to the ends of the messenger cable. The center clamp, which is attached to the messenger cable, is used to install the vibration damper onto the overhead conductor.

Please Watch the Video of Stock damping Testing Cable Layed:

Video of Stock damping on ACSR Conductor:

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