Why PT and CT Terminals are Star Connected

Why PT and CT Terminals are Star Connected

In Alternating Current power system two most important instrument transformers are frequently used, one is current transformer and voltage transformer or potential transformer. One interest thing is, both the transformers are star connected. in this tutorial, we are going to see the advantage of star configuration.

Why PT and CT Terminals are Star Connected
 PT Terminals are Star Connected

Advantage of Star connection in Potential transformer:

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Note: All PTs are connected through a 11kV fuse unit.

  • Easy installation: in this, the PT primary terminal is connected with the line voltage and secondary terminal is connected to the ground, therefore the installation procedure is simple, easy replacement and maintenance free.

Why CT secondary terminals are star connected:

Star configuration is having an advantage of the line current is equal to phase current, therefore our protecting device measures the exact CT’s secondary current. It optimizes our system protection status.[wp_ad_camp_1]

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