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There are two main ways which we can recover energy from the sunlight. Solar energy is energy can be converted into solar thermal energy collecting the harnessed from the sun and solar photo-voltaic or solar PV that uses the light from the sun. The most common form of solar energy is we can familiar with solar thermal energy that uses the heat from the sun to heat water. It does not generate electricity.

Solar water heater is a better choice for only need heat water as cost effective as solar PV for heating water.

Solar PV

Solar PV uses the sunlight not heat it is for generate the electricity. This technology that we use generates electricity to residential, commercial and industrial roof top.

Working of Roof top solar PV

Solar panel generates DC power when the sun shines. This DC power turn fed into an inverter that converts into AC power. This AC power fed into distribution board from it flows into an electrical loads. This is the basic layout of solar panel.

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It should be noted that solar plant will need most cases some backup power source. The backup power source is from the grid or storage mechanism such as batteries.

Why backup is required?

This where need to consider the peculiar way the solar plants will work. Sun shines is not constant it varies in the day due to weather conditions. Passing clouds can reduce to amount of sun shine heating our solar panels reducing the power generated. This variation and generation may sever to roof damage and collected loads. In order to avoid this problem the power from other solar plant adjustment from the other source. This source can be grid power, batteries power. We can ensure load receive the safe reliable power.

Let’s see how solar power integrates with different kinds of power.

  • Grid power
  • Off grid
  • Hybrid plants

Grid power

The simple kind of plants only integrates with only grid power and has no other backup power source. This is not a grid type plant as it always syncs with grid. It recommended for only organisation with granted power supply.

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A pure grid type solar plant is not suitable for frequent power disturbances.

What would happen if grid field plant not received grid power? In the absence of grid power the grid type solar plant will not generate solar power even if sun shining brightly.

 Off grid

The off grid solar plant is that does not integrate with grid power. It only integrates with batteries or diesel generator. Such plants are located which grid is not connected at all. It is not recommended for off grid plants for very small loads.

If off grid plant is which is not connected to grid at all not receiving battery and generator it will not generate electricity. If the plant receive battery power or diesel power plant can generate electricity.


Hybrid plants

Solar plant can be integrated with grid power, battery and diesel power. It is recommended hybrid solar plants energy consume who have grid power but with frequently interruptions and critical loads to be powered continuously. Most industrial and commercial uses in India will follow under this category is required this type of solar plant.

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In hybrid plant is grid, battery power or diesel power if not receive power from any of three sources. In this situation hybrid solar plant will not generate solar power. If any off these three sources are power is present grid, battery or diesel power solar plants can still generate electricity and supplied the load.

Solar plants is always be integrated other sources power to upgrade reliable power, without other source of power plant is not generate electricity even sun shining brightly. This is how solar plants are designed.

What kind of solar plants we need but the solar panels are the same but the inverter is different.

Inverter is the brain of the solar plant how plant function governed by the inverter.








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