What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

FTP, SFTP, TFTP are the protocols that are used to transfer files over network.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

This is the standard protocol that is used to transfer files between the computer and server over a network such as internet. FTP is the larger that computer use to transfer files over a TCP/IP network.

If someone anywhere in the world wanted to make their files available the other person want to download is they simply want to upload the files to FTP server. Anyone in the world can connect the FTP server and download the files using the FTP protocol.

Here we using the dedicated FTP server to share the files but don’t necessary to setup dedicated server for an FTP because they really wanted they can configure your own computer to act as FTP server. In Microsoft windows this can be done in internet information service manager.

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There are couple of ways to transfer files using FTP here we used standard internet browser or use FTP client.

For example lets download the MP3 files someone has uploaded in FTP server. Let’s use standard internet browser, open up a web browser type in address FTP server or if required go regular web site. Web address of FTP server is ftp.example.com type address in URL.

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

We when go for regular web site prefix will be HTTP since we are going to FTP site the prefix is FTP.

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

Now its connected to FTP server.

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

It is an example of FTP server view web browser. We can browse different types of folders on FTP server depending upon what is available and download what we required. Select the MP3 and down load in your computer. Sometimes FTP server will regain an account with user name and password sometimes we can login anonymously.

It depends upon what type a authentication the owner of FTP server setup. The other connected FTP server in FTP client. There are number of FTP clients user probably most popular free FTP client is Filezilla.

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What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

The FTP client provides a graphically user interface for better experience than using a web browser.

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

In web browser a web address is FTP server along with user and password if required and port number is 21.

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

Press connect button it will connect to FTP server. In left panel the files and folders on our computer on the right panel the files and folders are the remote FTP server.

From right panel click and drag from the FTP server such as MP3 files and download to your computer by clicking on them or drag from left to right panel.

What Is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) | SFTP | TFTP Full Explanation

If you have proper permission upload files from our computer to FTP server by drag them from left to right panel. The files will be uploading in FTP server.

Transferring files between computer is commonly using of FTP. Specially transferring files bulk. Another common use of FTP gives the ability of website designers to upload files to their web servers.

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The main drawback of using FTP is its not secure protocol data being transferred is not encrypted. All data sent is clear text. Which can cause security concern? Really FTPs should be used on limited basis or only trust worthy networks or data sent being is not sensitive. However going to transfer data to be protected and more secure protocols should be used.

Secure file Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Secure file transfer protocol is like FTP it adds a layer of security. Data using SFTP actually encrypted using secure shell during data transfer. No data is sent as clear texts all are encrypted. SFTP authenticates the user and server and use port 22.

The both FTP and SFTP are connection oriented protocols. They both use TCP for file transfer so they guaranteed in file delivery.

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

It is very simple file transfer protocol. It is not used to transfer files over the internet like FTP and SFTP. TFTP is mainly used for transferring files within the local area network.

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Often used in configuration files in firmware emerges to network devices such as firewalls and routers. TFTP is most peoples never used like FTP and SFTP.

It uses UDP instead of TCP so it is unreliable transfer protocol. TFTP does not provide any security during data transfer because it is used in local area network.


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