Electrical Cable lugs Crimping Procedure For Beginner

Cable Lugs:

Electrical cable Lugs
Electrical cable Lugs Ref: RPG

Cable lugs are the electrical connector which used to connect the cables to electrical appliances. Cable lugs are ensuring the proper electrical contact between them. The cable lugs are coming in the different size. The size has given in the images. Cable lugs should be properly crimped using crimping tools with suitable crimping bits. They are permanent.

electrical Lug Size
electrical Lug Size

Let see How to crimp the cable lugs on cables.

  • Remove Insulation from the cable without cutting cable strips. Use sharp blade for removing insulation from the cable
  • Paste the Crimping paste. Crimping paste is used to remove air gap between the cable strips. Increases the tension between the cable to lugs.
  • Select proper the crimping bit on the crimping tool. Insert the cable lug on the cable and put the same in to the crimping area in the crimping tool.
  • Press it until the crimping tool get pressed. Continue. Pressing on the cable + lug until to reaching the end of the cable + lug joints.
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Crimping Procedure
Crimping Procedure

Cable Crimping Video 1:


Electrical cable Crimping Video:


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