What is Slip of the Induction motor

What is Slip of the Induction motor:

Slip is nothing but the ratio of the difference between the synchronous speed (Flux speed) to actual motor speed to synchronous speed. It is normally expressed in S
S = Ns-N/Ns

Where S is Slip.

Ns= Synchronous speed.

N= actual motor speed.

It depends upon two speed

  1. Synchronous speed of RMF Ns
  2. Rotor Speed (N)

Percentage of Slip is expressed as,


%s= Ns-N/Ns  X 100 %

In terms of Slip, the actual speed (N) can be expressed as


N= Ns (1-s)————————-1

Equation 1 in two conditions, which means

  1. At start of the motor N=0
  • Slip S= 1
  • This is maximum value of Slip
  1. At Ns=N
  • Which means Slip=0

This is never possible in induction motor at any condition.

Practically slip maintains 0.01 to 0.05. it means 1 % to 5 %

The Slip which is corresponding to the full load speed of the motor is called as Full load Slip


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