LT Panel HT panel Shutdown Procedure

LT Panel HT panel Shutdown procedure:

Electrical panels are used to distribute the electric power to other circuits. Electrical panels contain lot of electrical switchgears such as electrical lamps, contactors, protection circuits, SFU, lots of Nuts and bolts etc. these equipment’s carries electrical current to the load circuits such as Motors, heaters, lamps etc. Here, 99% of the electrical loads are using alternating current; Due to, the alternating current flow, these arrangement losses its tension. Electrical tension is nothing but a measure of contact between two joints. But, they never loss its tension, tension should be high. Less tension causes equipment failure, burning the electrical contact, flashover sometime etc; generally, less tension is created by following reason…


  1. Manual error (missed to ‘tight a bolt joint’)
  2. Loading a cable with high current
  3. Shaking a cable or electrical contact
  4. Physical loads Falls on the bolt joint
  5. Falling foreign materials on the bolt
  6. Corrosion occurring on the bolt on the electrical panel.
  7. Mismatching usage of Nuts and bolts (always you should check the threading size of the bolt)
  8. Cross threading (it occurs while tightening of the bolts)
  9. Using Low quality of the bolt
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By following above points, you can avoid LT HT panel Maintenance. However, a machine cannot give 100% of efficiency. Since the electrical panel should be taken for maintenance as care of long run. In this tutorial, we are going to see, the LT HT panel shutdown procedure for electrical maintenance.

LT HT Panel shut down procedure:

Whenever, you are planning for maintenance of electrical panels such as LT and HT panel means, please follow these procedures.

Do Planning before Two day or provide official main to the associated HOD: Just inform all the department about your LT and HT panel shut down. Since everyone can understand, the associated feeder, that cannot deliver power to the particular load.

Collect the all materials and tools which all are going to be used for maintaining the panels. Generally, they are..all type of spanner set, emery paper, insulation tap, silica gel (if you have a transformer), CRC bottle as required, Screw driver set, Spare 4C cable etc. If you are planning for entire shutdown, then please make sure the diesel arrangement on your Diesel generator. For Tools arrangement please make discussion with your electrician.

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The important part of the LT and HT panel shutdown procedure is, you should arrange the backup power source for emergency equipment such as Fire fighter, UPS, PLC etc.

Please, make all the shutdown procedure at Morning 6AM at holiday. This reduces crush on the emergency power source requirement from other department.

These four points are pre-planning of LT and HT panel shutdown procedure. Let start LT and HT pane shutdown work.

Now, Switch off the all Power incoming source to the LT and HT panel from remote place.

Put Lockout and Tag out on the incoming feeder the corresponding LT or HT panel.

Lock out Tag out For MCB, MCCB, ACB
Lock out Tag out For MCB, MCCB, ACB

Afterwards Put a board with name of Man at work or Work under procedure such meaningful board

This is an Important Point, that you should put an earth connection to the panel incoming and outgoing feeder. Also it discharges the feeder, if your feeder has capacitor bank. You should always use this trick. Most of the time to get better workman ship you should use check list of the equipment list and its condition.

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Do all the maintenance work on the LT or HT panels.

After completion of work, you should remove the earth connection which made for safety purpose. Charge the panel..

Guys Please never make hurry bury of while doing electrical maintenance.




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