What is Wheeling charges?

What is wheeling charges?

Wheeling charges is nothing but a amount of fees to wheel the power from the generation station to end-users. In simple words, transmission line total rental cost can be called as wheeling charges. It is charged per MWH basis.

Wheeling fees is equal to the multiplication of total power wheeled in P(MW) and wheeling charges in Rs/MW.

Wheeling Fees = P(MW) x Wheeling charges(Rs/MW)

In Tamilnadu, wheeling charges ( ₹ 0.2105 per MW) are collected from the consumer who is using third party power other than TNEB.

The amount has to payable for the respective EDC (electricity distribution circle). It is a part of the third parts power sale.

In south Indian, govt does not charge the wheeling charges to their consumer but Maharashtra government is charging ₹ 1.21 per unit as wheeling charge to all consumers.


Let we calculate the wheeling fees for 140MW as per Tamilnadu SLDC.

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Wheeling fees =  140 x 0.2105 = ₹ 29.47/-


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